Due gives you plenty of places to spend your time away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, including enjoying a book by the cool plunge pool and relaxing in the warm sun on the terrace. For the bookish, a specially compiled library full of books of Moroccan design and history.
Enjoy breakfast with a special view of Marrakech from the terrace, take tea on the cool patio in mid-afternoon, and pass into the late night by the outdoor fireplace and lounge. 



Sleep in one of the four bright rooms, ensuring a crisp, calm setting for joyful sleep.

Sleeping at Riad Due is like cozying up in a warm nook. Enjoy soft linens, a gentle bed, and a soothing morning light to make sure you have the best rest while on your vacation. Read a book in bed, or rest in a chair while looking at photos from your day or send emails to your friends. Take a look at the rooms and see their accents and additions. Each room has its own decadent designs that will make you forget that there is also a world outside that you must see.




When all you need is a quiet and relaxed meal, just pick the corner you like and sit back in the Riad’s cozy restaurant.

Start the day with fresh juice, warm omelets with delicious cheese from Essaouira, or some healthy cereal, all provided in the shade of the courtyard. Take in some healthy greens or some light Moroccan fare to fill your stomach for the afternoon right there in Riad Due while you put away your shopping from the morning or take a quick rest from the sites. Enjoy fresh olives, eggplant, and root vegetables in small Moroccan dishes or a quick sandwich to get you going on your day. Moroccan cuisine and some Italian favorites as well. The restaurant prides itself in slow cooked, delicately flavored meals that satisfy and excite the palate